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Dr. Harish Patel, M.D. has over 25 years experience in helping patients who have syncope.
Dr Patel and staff are located right in the heart of Pinellas County.

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Syncope, also known as fainting, is a loss of consciousness and muscle strength characterized by a fast onset, short duration, and spontaneous recovery.It is caused by a decrease in blood flow to the brain, typically from low blood pressure. There are sometimes symptoms before the loss of consciousness such as lightheadedness, sweating, pale skin, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, or feeling warm.

Syncope may also be associated with a short episode of muscle twitching.When consciousness and muscle strength are not completely lost, it is called presyncope.It is recommended that presyncope be treated the same as syncope

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Goldsmith Delivers the Golden Touch!
Goldsmith Delivers the Golden Touch!